BigfootTown-This Generation's Christmas Classic

The North Pole and BigfootTown
Two diverse places living in harmony

Quite a fine example for you and me

Bigfoot are not hairy scary monsters!  In fact, they are the nicest creatures that you would ever want to meet.  Santa realized this a long time ago and invited the Sasquatch and Yeti to inhabit a place near the North Pole that he named BigfootTown.  Santa had a plan to create a lavish vacation spot for the residents of the North Pole because they work so hard throughout the year.   It was also a way for the Bigfoot to escape being "found" by people.

Today, BigfootTown is a hustling bustling city that helps the North Pole keep up with the increasing demand for Christmas presents!  It also happens to be the most fun spot on Planet Earth!  There are so many things to do and see.  Visit "JB's Reef", a music and comedy club.  Many famous bands have performed there along with many local acts.  Even Santa decided to start a band a few years back.  They started performing as "Santa and The Effects of The Claus" and recorded their first CD recently, "BigfootTown: A Christmas Rock Opera".